Blogging Basics For Beginners

Get your blog off to a flying start!

This short course is going to help you get visitors to your blog from day 1. Here's what you will learn:

Module 1: How to install and use Google Analytics - a must for your blog if it's to succeed

Module 2: How to syndicate your posts and share them across social media platforms with just one click

Module 3: How to get Google to index your blog so that it knows it exists

Module 4: How to promote your posts effectively to attract more visitors and readers

Module 5: How to attract hundreds of viewers to your blog in just a few days using one social media strategy

So join me and let's get started on growing your blog.

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What's included?

14 Texts
1 Audio

Course Curriculum

Module 1: How To Install And Use Google Analytics
Module 2: How To Syndicate And Share Your Posts With One Click
Module 3: How To Get Your Blog Indexed By Google.
Module 5: How To Attract Hundreds Of Visitors To Your Blog
Module 6: How To Make Sure Your Blog is Legal

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